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Litigation Support/Expert Witness

In an increasingly litigious society, you want the security and peace of mind of having your financial professionals represent you in the event of dispute. Metzler Locricchio Serra & Co. P.C. provides counsel and support for our clients and their attorneys in a wide range of litigation support scenarios. We can assist you in all phases of litigation, including discovery, deposition, testimony and trial.   
Our professionals frequently participate in legal cases and possess the depth and experience necessary to provide expert witness testimony. Members of our staff have testified in state and federal courts and are recognized as experts by these courts. Too often, accountants lack the ability to translate their findings into language that courts, juries or mediators understand. Metzler Locricchio Serra & Co. P.C. personnel excel at communicating their findings in clear, concise laymen’s terms. In matters involving complex damages, our accounting professionals present well-supported financial records and other analyses on behalf of our clients. We help you clarify and understand important financial matters concerning your case.
We offer litigation support services in the following areas:
• Dispute mediation and resolution
• Fraud examinations
• Expert witness testimony
• Forensic and investigatory accounting
• Statements of earnings, net profits, net worth, and net disposable income
• Matrimonial lifestyle computations
• Business valuations
• Damage calculations and reports
• Lost earnings calculations
• Examination of opposing expert witness reports and opinions
• Support during deposition of opposing counsel’s expert witness